Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Dick Powell's Zane Grey Theater

I've just discovered that Shout! Factory and Timeless Media will be releasing the second season of Dick Powell's Zane Grey Theater in September.

This season features many famous actors including Claudette Colbert, Hedy Lamarr, Walter Brennan, Tommy Sands, Anne Bancroft, Lew Ayres, Howard Keel, Jane Greer, Johnny Crawford, Joseph Cotton, Barbara Stanwyck, Dan Duryea, Lloyd Bridges, Barry Sullivan, June Lockhart, and Cesar Romero.

Here is the link on Amazon where you can pre-order the set for $26.91. Remember that when you pre-order something, you are telling the manufacturers that there is interest in titles like this. There were five seasons of this show and the only way seasons three through five will be released is if the people releasing them feel they can make a profit. Show your support and pre-order.